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New Membership Application

Please only use this form for 'New Membership' Applications.
For existing or lapsed memberships use the 'MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS' form.
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I hereby apply to be admitted as an Annual Member of the Irish Draught Horse Society (Great Britain).

* Do you require a 'paperless' rebate ?

£5 fee will be refunded at the checkout

* £5 joining fee will be applied to all new memberships

* Please give date of birth for Junior Member/s:
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* Please use the format dd/mm/yyyy

* Please state whether breeder, owner, stud owner, exhibitor, etc:

(Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December, unless you are joining between October and December, when your membership will run until the end of the following year).

Your first payment should be made by cheque or PayPal. For subsequent payments, the Society’s preferred method of payment is by Direct Debit.

For reduced fees from the following year a Direct Debit form (which can be downloaded from our website) should be completed and returned to the IDHS(GB) Office.

If you prefer not to use Direct Debit, you can continue to pay annually by cheque or PayPal (renewable 1st January each year - full fees apply).

Your annual subscription includes a copy of the Year Book, Newsletters, Reduced Registration Fees, Voting Rights in Council Elections and at the AGM etc (except Juniors), and to have animals inspected/graded.

if you have chosen a 'paperless' membership, your benefits will be the same as above, with the exception that the Newsletter (and any forms) will NOT be posted, but will be available digitally on the website (in the 'Members Only' area).

From time to time, sponsorship deals deemed beneficial to the Society or its members are carefully considered for acceptance. Should individual members prefer not to have membership details released (not telephone /fax numbers or e-mail addresses) please mark this box with 'NO'

Note: Sometimes a different person/email address is named on the paypal payment than who is listed above. Whilst this is not a problem it can, at times, cause confusion or delays. For this reason please put the name & email address of the payer below (the details that will be included on the paypal payment as the buyer).

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Data protection:
The IDHS(GB) takes your privacy very seriously and will only use your personal information to administer and provide the services you have requested from us. We may also occasionally telephone or email you regarding these services. Your personal information will only be held for as long as it is necessary to provide the service you have required.
Please indicate your consent for this by selecting 'YES', or if you do not consent, select 'NO'. If you do not consent, we may not be able to provide this service.
Thank you.

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