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Irish Draught Horse Society (GB) Stallion and Mare Inspections 2021

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Irish Draught Horse Society GB News Sheet August 2020

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Government restrictions, lockdown and social distancing have made it very difficult for mare owners planning to breed with their mares this year. Veterinary practices vary in terms of whether they are prepared to carry out routine stud work this year. If you are thinking of breeding your mare this year, please check with your vet for their current policy.

To reflect the challenges, the Society proposes to use the Hornby Lonsdale Trust funds in a slightly different way this year. We want to help and encourage owners of Hornby Premium mares to continue to breed purebred Irish Draughts.

To reflect the exceptional challenges facing breeders during the Covid-19 crisis, and because we cannot carry out mare inspections this year, the Society invites applications from owners of any mare which already has one or more Hornby Premiums and has a foal at foot by a Class 1 or RID (GB) stallion. Owners of eligible mares will be entitled to a grant, payable after registration of the foal, to cover the registration and DNA fees.

In addition, for 2020 only, a special grant will be offered to all Hornby Premium mares which are put in foal to a Class 1 or RID (GB) stallion to foal in 2021. An additional grant of £100 will be paid, as soon as the 2021 foal is registered, to the person who owned or leased the mare at the time of conception and who made the decision to put her in foal.

In 2021, we will hopefully be able to hold inspections again. We will review the allocation of Hornby Lonsdale Trust funds early in that year. Assuming that inspections resume next year, we will revert to the usual Hornby Premium rules, whereby mares come forward for inspection. Those that are successful in obtaining a Hornby Premium will have the registration and DNA of their purebred foals funded by the Hornby Trust.

How to apply:

Applications for Hornby Premium mares with 2020 foals can be made on an application form, which is available to download here or can be requested from
Applications for Hornby Premium mares due to foal in 2021 cannot be made yet. Please apply when the 2021 foal has been registered.

BEF : COVID-19 Update 10 September 2020

British Equestrian Update: new legal restrictions for England

The government has recently announced new restrictions in England which limit gatherings to a maximum of six people, enforceable by law, which come into effect on Monday 14 September.
While this has implications for day-to-day life, British Equestrian has had

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Following further government measures announced earlier this week, the IDHS (GB) has decided, after careful consideration, that we have no other option but to cancel our Annual Breed Show at Arena UK in August.
We will keep you informed when a new date for the 2021 Annual Breed Show has been decided.
We hope to see you all fit and healthy in 2021.
Sue Benson


In order to protect our staff from Covid 19 the IDHS(GB) is no longer able to return passports
to owners by Royal Mail Special Delivery, as this requires queuing at the local post office to deposit the envelope which may compromise the social distancing rules demanded by Government.
Until this service is resumed any overpayments will be refunded.
Brian Gates
Hon Treasurer

IDHS (GB) ruling on Equine Influenza vaccinations

Equine Influenza and Tetanus vaccinations are a compulsory requirement for all horses registered with the Irish Draught Horse Society (GB).
Compliance with this rule is essential in order to bring your horse forward for inspection, or to show your horse at our affiliated shows.

The requirement for the first three vaccinations is as follows:
• The first two vaccinations must be 21 – 92 days apart, with a third booster between 150-215 days after the second dose.
• Thereafter, there should normally be an annual booster vaccination within 365 days, but the current FEI ruling is for a six-monthly booster as opposed to an annual booster.
• No horse should enter competitions within seven days of an equine influenza vaccination.
• Foals should commence vaccinations at six months old.

This rule may be subject to change in line with guidance from the FEI/BEF.
Any changes affecting our affiliated shows and inspections will be notified via the Society’s web site.
It is strongly recommended that you check with individual shows that fall under FEI regulations before entering, e.g. Windsor, Hickstead, HOYS etc., to ensure that your animals are eligible.


The Yearbook team would love to hear from anyone who would like to submit an article for publication in the 2020 Yearbook.
If you just have an idea and need any help putting your article together one of the team will be able to help you.
Good photographs are essential and they must be in high resolution.
Mobile phone and Facebook photos are rarely good enough for publication.
Any original photos will be returned to you as soon as possible.

Please send any submissions in to: as soon as possible. For any queries please contact:

Sue Benson – 01274 870028
Louise Morton – 01283 716573
Brian Gates – 01461 700434
Carol Rudd – 01625 873662

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Saturday 22nd - Sunday 23rd August 2020
Arena UK, Allington, Grantham, Lincolnshire. NG32 2EF

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