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Arena UK, Allington, Grantham, Lincolnshire NG32 2EF
SATURDAY AND SUNDAY 19th and 20th August 2017
Schedule, Entry Forms and all methods of payment explanations are available on the 'Breed Show ' page


We are desperately in need of sponsors and/or donations for the Annual Breed Show. We appreciate that these are difficult times financially but if you wish to make a donation please use one of the methods explained below. Any donation, however small, will truly make a difference.
You can make a donation by PayPal on the website form - here, by electronic bank transfer to sort code 20-18-03, account no 00700487, or send a cheque to the IDHS(GB) Office.

If you would like to sponsor a class, please contact Carol Rudd, Breed Show Sponsorship Secretary, telephone 01625 873662, mobile 07860 102256 or email carolATaerialwired.co.uk to discuss.

Thank you

Annual Breed Show Schedule & Entry Forms

IDHS(GB) 2017 Annual Breed Show Schedule & Entry Form are now online.
Various methods of downloading forms/completing the entry form/payment options are explained on the 'Breed Show' page of the website - HERE

Stallion and spring mare inspections results & report - 2017

Results of the inspections can be found on the 'Stallion Inspections' page & 'Mare Inspections' page

After over 18 months of extreme uncertainty over the nature and style of the inspections, there was a welcome decision by the Department of Agriculture in Ireland that the format would remain the same for 2017. This was a great relief, but our difficulty in conveying to applicants with any degree of confidence exactly what was to be expected, particularly in terms of whether an assessment of athleticism would be required, undoubtedly had an impact on numbers.

Five stallion applications were received, with four animals forward, all of which were Main Studbook (purebred) animals. All four stallions passed a rigorous pre-inspection veterinary examination, endoscope and x-rays. They all completed an assessment of conformation, type, movement and athleticism.

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Mare/Gelding Summer and Autumn Inspections 2017

The inspections commence on Sunday 20 August at Arena UK in Grantham and continue to 23 or 24 August. Dates and further venues will be confirmed when the closing date has passed. We already have expressions of interest in Somerset, South West Wales and in the Manchester area.

Application forms & Guidance Notes are available to download on the 'Mare Inspections' page

The closing date is Saturday 24 June.

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We are pleased to announce that the National Hunter Supreme Championship Show 2017 is returning to Addington Manor Equestrian Centre.
The new format show will be run during the old Royal Show week on 4th and 5th July 2017 and will feature the cream of British horses and breeding showcased in the wonderful surroundings of the Buckinghamshire venue.

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