*** IMPORTANT *** Stallion and Spring Mare Inspections 2018


To date, we have only received three written expressions of interest for the Stallion Inspections at Warwickshire College, Moreton Morrell on 11 April 2018, and no firm applications.

We need six completed, signed, valid stallion applications with fees and veterinary reports/x-rays by 20 February 2018 in order to make the Stallion Inspections on 11 April financially viable.

As a registered charity, we have a responsibility to all our Members and to the Charity Commission to manage our funds effectively. The overhead costs of running the Stallion Inspections are considerable. There are also huge logistical considerations, because we need a large team of volunteers to help the day run smoothly.

This means that unless we receive at least six completed stallion applications by the closing date, the inspections will be postponed until there are more applicants. The decision about viability will be made at 6 p.m. on 20 February. This will be posted on the web site and social media.

If there are any more potential applicants for 11 April, please would they contact the inspection administration team urgently to obtain the application pack. The pack contains the veterinary report form, application form and notes for guidance. You will need this to obtain a quotation from your vet for the pre-inspection veterinary examination, CEM/EVA/EIA certificates and x-rays required.

Email: inspectionsATidhsgb.com (replace AT with @) – this address is accessed by both Carol Malin (Administrator, works Monday to Wednesday 09.00-17.00) and Heather Chaplin (Inspection administration manager).

You can also phone Carol on 0345 2300 399 or Heather on 01823 601625 leaving your name, email address and a contact phone number. If you don’t leave a message, we won’t know that you have tried to reach us!

The stallion application pack is usually emailed to applicants. If you would like the pack to be posted, please remember to leave your address and postcode clearly on any voicemail message.


If you wish to have your mare inspected on 11 April with the stallions, we must receive the application and fee by 20 February. The mare application forms and notes for guidance can be downloaded from the web site.

A number of Members have expressed an interest in having their mares inspected this year, but the majority wish to wait until the summer/autumn. It is very positive to see that we have expressions of interest from Cumbria and Hartlepool in the North, West Wales and three from the South of England for the autumn inspections.

If you have any queries at all about the inspections, please contact us.

Thank you for your interest.

Heather Chaplin and Carol Malin
For the Inspection Management team