Important notice for owners of stallions and mares for inspection in 2019

Stallion inspections

The stallion inspections which were due to be held at Moreton Morrell in Warwickshire on 17 April 2019 have been cancelled, due to insufficient applications.

The next date will be in the spring of 2020, for colts and stallions which were born in or before 2017 (three years old and older).

Mare inspections

The three mare owners who applied to go to Moreton Morrell have been invited to attend alternative venues.

Spring 2019 venues in Yorkshire: The closing date has been extended to 31 March 2019.

We have responded to a request from mare owners in Yorkshire for an early inspection prior to the showing season, to enable them to show mares over four years of age in hand. We currently have applications in for 10 mares, which is very positive.

If you would like your mare inspected in the Spring, please apply using the Spring application form, which has now been updated for Yorkshire. You can download the form here.

Thursday 9 May 2019: depending on sufficient applications, we are looking at offering a venue at a private yard in the Sheffield area.

Friday 10 May 2019: Balinmore Stud at Bewholme, Driffield, East Yorkshire. There are already sufficient mares for this venue, but we would welcome more.

Full details of these venues and their equine influenza vaccination policies will be confirmed in the near future.


Summer 2019 venues: Closing date: 15 July 2019. Applicants should apply on the summer application form, downloadable from here.

Friday 16 August 2019: Annual Breed Show, Arena UK, Grantham. These inspections will be held from 2 p.m. on the Friday afternoon at the Annual Breed Show venue, to enable owners to show in-hand at the show.

Additional venues and dates will be arranged for September/October.

The location of additional venues entirely depends on where your mares are situated. Therefore, we cannot tell you for sure where the venues will be, until the closing date. Please apply early to be sure of your location being taken into consideration. Normally, we need about five mares to make each venue viable, but we can be a little more flexible if you live in an area with very few ID mares.

Currently, we have some expressions of interest from Scotland and Surrey. We can run venues in these areas if there are sufficient firm applications before the closing date. These are both areas with relatively few Irish Draught mares, so if you have a mare and would like her to be inspected, now is your opportunity!

Applications for all inspections will only be considered if on the designated form and accompanied by the fee of £160 inc. VAT. Full guidance about procedures is available here.

Hornby Premium mare inspections

We are lucky enough to have been awarded another grant to help encourage the breeding of purebred foals out of the highest quality mares.

These inspections are open to any RID, AID, Class 1 or traditionally-bred sport horse (TSR) mare with her own foal at foot by a Class 1 or RID stallion.

There is no application fee, but you must bring the mare and her foal to one of our existing venues, or one of our regional shows, the Annual Breed Show or the Great Yorkshire Show. Due to high costs, we cannot inspect mares at home. The application form is on our web site, accessible here. Closing dates vary, but are approximately 3-4 weeks before your chosen show or inspection date.

Equine influenza policy

In view of the recent outbreaks of equine influenza, our veterinary advice is that all mares for inspection must be vaccinated. For newly vaccinated horses, at least the first two initial doses must have been given. For horses that have been on a vaccination programme for some time, they must have had their booster vaccination within the requisite timescale.

Private yards who kindly offer inspection venues should keep in touch with their vets about any problems in their area. Their vaccination policy should be made clear to the inspection organisers, so that we can pass this on to mare owners.

Athleticism assessments

Jumping lane assessments for mares are only done at Moreton Morrell, where we have an indoor school with a trained arena team and suitable facilities.

With the cancellation of this venue, mare owners may wish to bring any mares classified as Class 1 this year (or in previous years) forward for athleticism assessment in 2020.

Further information: please contact the inspection administration team at (repace AT with @)

Heather Chaplin
Inspection administration manager
2 March 2019



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