Advertisements and Articles in the Yearbook

The Yearbook team have decided not to raise the costs of advertising stallions and studs and they will remain at the same rate as they have been for the past five years. We hope this will encourage owners to place advertisements in our Yearbook.
From the date of this notice the inside front cover, the inside back cover and the outside back cover (trade only) will be strictly on a first come first served basis by email. The first persons to apply for the IFC, the IBC, and the OBC will be notified and given five days to complete payment via PayPal or electronic bank transfer.

The costs for advertising are as follows:
Full page - £166 + vat @ 20% (£199.20)
Half page - £124 + vat @ 20% (£148.80)
Inside Front Cover and Inside Back Cover - £210 + vat @ 20% (£252.00)

Advertising costs for Trade advertisements are:
Full page - £200 + vat @ 20% (£240.00)
Half Page - £150 + vat @ 20% (£180)
Inside Front Cover and Inside Back Cover - £250 + vat @ 20% (£300.00)
Outside Back Cover (available for Trade only) - £350 +vat @ 20% (£420.00)

Stallion owners or Members wanting to advertise using either a full or half page should send their advertisements in Word or preferably pdf format either using the online form, or by email, to:

Carol Rudd and Jenny Noblett email:
Carol Rudd – Tel: 01625 873 662 Jenny Noblett – Tel: 01606 837 984

For help and advice with advertisements please ring Carol or Jenny as assistance with artwork and formatting is also available. Please make sure you have permission to use any photographs that are copyrighted in your advertisement and include the photographer’s name if necessary.

Please see the 'Yearbook Advertising' page for more information - here.

The Yearbook will now be produced by a new editorial team comprising of:

Louise Morton (tel. 01283 716 573), James Noblett (tel. 01606 837 984),
Sue Benson (tel. 01274 870 028) and Brian Gates (tel. 01461 700 434).

Articles and Photographs

The new team is currently inviting contributions for the 2018 Yearbook. Please could you email the team at with your articles, stories and photographs, which must be of good quality and, as above, any permission needed must be obtained. If you have any thoughts or ideas for some interesting content, or need some help with your submission please telephone any of the team members who will be delighted to hear from you.

Dated 24 July 2017




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