Important notice for owners of stallions and mares for inspection in 2019

Stallion inspections

The stallion inspections which were due to be held at Moreton Morrell in Warwickshire on 17 April 2019 have been cancelled, due to insufficient applications.

The next date will be in the spring of 2020, for colts and stallions which were born in or before 2017 (three years old and older).

Mare inspections

The three mare owners who applied to go to Moreton Morrell have been invited to attend alternative venues.

Spring 2019 venues in Yorkshire: The closing date has been extended to 31 March 2019.

We have responded to a request from mare owners in Yorkshire for an early inspection prior to the showing season, to enable them to show mares over four years of age in hand. We currently have applications in for 10 mares, which is very positive.

If you would like your mare inspected in the Spring, please apply using the Spring application form, which has now been updated for Yorkshire. You can download the form here.

Thursday 9 May 2019: depending on sufficient applications, we are looking at offering a venue at a private yard in the Sheffield area.

Friday 10 May 2019: Balinmore Stud at Bewholme, Driffield, East Yorkshire. There are already sufficient mares for this venue, but we would welcome more.

Full details of these venues and their equine influenza vaccination policies will be confirmed in the near future.


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Memorial Service - Mary McGowan



There will be a Memorial Service for Mary McGowan at the Church of St Mary Magdalene, Whalton, Northumberland on Friday 1st February at 2pm, and afterwards a reception at the Whalton Village Hall.

Mary McGowan

Mary McGowan

The Society is deeply saddened to report the death of Mrs Mary McGowan of Ponteland, Northumberland on 2nd December 2018 at the age of 84 years. Our sincere condolences are extended to her family and many friends.

Mary was a stalwart supporter of the Society, joining soon after its inception – her membership number was 45. She played an active part in the Society for many years, being a valued Trustee, promoting the Irish Draught horse at Shows throughout the North of England and Scotland, as well as editing and distributing the Newsletter. A true ambassador of the Irish Draught breed, Mary will be sadly missed by all who knew her.

A celebration of Mary’s life will be published in the 2019 Yearbook.



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Draught horses power their own championships

British Dressage is proud to welcome the Draught Horse Championships into its competition calendar this year. Riders of these majestic breeds will now have the opportunity to qualify for a prestigious championship on Saturday 5 November 2016 at Keysoe in Bedfordshire.

Heavy horses and part-bred heavy horses are becoming familiar sights at BD shows – and it’s no surprise as they are more than proving themselves able within the white boards. These gentle giants of the horse world have been man’s loyal working partner for hundreds of years and were indispensable to generations of pre-industrial farmers.
Draught horses and draught crossbreds are versatile breeds used today for a multitude of purposes, including farming, draught horse showing, logging, recreation, and other uses. They are commonly used for crossbreeding, especially to light riding breeds such as the Thoroughbred, for the purpose of creating sport horses. These horses, with their high work ethic and amenable dispositions, are capable performers under saddle.


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Silent Auction - Thank You

We would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who either donated or bought items in our recent Silent Auction. We had some wonderful lots on offer from some very generous donors and a wide variety of items for people to bid on.

As we explained in the original notice about the Silent Auction, the Society needed money to replace funds that had to be spent on meeting the more stringent regulations demanded of Passport Issuing Authorities by European Legislation. The Silent Auction was a great success and the total sum raised was £2,101.00 which will make a much needed contribution to Society funds.

All the items from the Silent Auction have been paid for but some are still waiting for the purchaser to make contact regarding delivery. All the successful bidders received an email with the donor’s details and it is the buyer’s responsibility to make arrangements with the donor for their item to be delivered to them. If anybody has any queries please ring Brian Gates, Tel. 01461700434.

Once again thank you very much to everybody who took part in the Silent Auction.


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