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Top Ten Links

  • Irish Draught Horse Breeders Association (3,017)
    The Irish Draught Horse Breeders Association (IDHBA) is a non-incorporated organisation whose main function is to represent the interests of Irish Draught horse breeders, producers and enthusiasts.

  • Coloured Contacts (2,946)
    All Coloured Contacts advertisements are ordered in reverse date order. This means that the newest ads are placed at the top of each section and ensures that your ad gets maximum exposure instantly. The homepage also shows the 3 most recent horses added and the most recent classified ad which means that your advertisement gets extra exposure instantly.

  • Irish Draught Horse Society in Ireland (2,901)
    The IRISH (IDHS) Limited was formed in 1976. The IDHS was created with the sole intention of preventing the breed from becoming extinct. Dedicated enthusiasts of the breed saved it from its almost certain demise.

  • Woodclose Irish Draughts (2,884)
    Woodclose Irish Draughts is located in West Yorkshire, and was established in 1989. My aim is to produce Irish Draughts which are true to TYPE, not too big, deep bodied, short legged, bone with quality, good conformation and movement with a fabulous temperament.

  • Global Herbs (2,851)
    Global Herbs is based in the South Down hills near Chichester, W.Sussex, UK. The company is run by a vet, Stephen Ashdown and his staff, and aims to provide a quick efficient service to animal owners, providing them with exactly the right supplements they need to keep their animals and themselves in the best of health. Our service does not aim to compete with that provided by your local vet or health care professional but complements the help that you are already receiving.

  • Equine Staff Employment Services (2,590)
    Horse Jobs around the World.

  • Indigo Irish Draughts (2,253)
    Home of R.I.D. stallion Lady's Tralee Raj
    Indigo Irish Draughts is a newly established stud, committed to breeding quality Irish Draughts of the traditional type, and Sport Horses. Situated on 50 acres of well managed pasture, visiting mares will get the best of care and attention under the personal supervision of experienced owner/manager, Janet George.

  • Balinmore Stud (2,214)
    All foals are well handled, wormed, confirmed and registered with the Irish Draught Horse Society (GB). Photos/video are available on request.

  • Deards Stud (2,053)
    This is the era of the Showjumper and the Eventer, although at Deards Stud we try to remember that many more horses are used for all round competition work, leisure riding and hunting. Every Stud wants to produce a "world beater", but we like to think that we cater for everyone with well-bred, athletic youngsters, capable of competing in whatever equestrian activity the purchaser enjoys.

  • Cavan Equestrian & Horse Marketing Centre (1,813)
    Cavan Equestrian and Horse Marketing Centre host the only annual Registered Irish Draught sale with all ages of this breed exhibited and the 2004 sale will be held on Tuesday 5th October. The centre also holds 6 bi-monthly International Performance sales and 2 Young Stock Sport Horse sales each year. Cavan Equestrian and Horse Marketing Centre is easily accessed from main ports and airports and the Inward Buyer Travel Incentive Scheme entitles purchasers from outside Ireland a refund on air or sea travel ticket costs.


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