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200+ Club Objectives.
This is a very efficient method of fund raising for the Society.  A modest contribution from each member, or friend, amounts to a significant amount per month, a proportion of which goes to the  Society and the balance is distributed back to the members as cash prizes.

Everyone is eligible to join the 200+ Club. You do NOT need to be a member of the IDHS(GB) - but you will be supporting the future of the Society and, of course, standing a chance to win some lucrative cash prizes !!

What does it cost?
£12 per year (payable by cheque), giving one chance in each draw,
or alternatively
£3 per month
(by Standing Order) or £36 per year (by cheque), giving three chances in each draw. There will be three larger prizes drawn every three months to coincide with the publication of the Newsletter.

What are the prizes?
There will be three cash prizes equivalent to a minimum of 40% of the takings for the previous three months, drawn at three monthly intervals, for example 1st prize £100, 2nd prize £55, 3rd prize £35

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Last Updated Tuesday 30 May 2017 


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