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Mare inspections 2018

Mare inspections 2018

There will be a mare inspection at New Hill Stud, Worsley, Manchester, on Tuesday 9 October 2018, by kind permission of Mr Mark Fitton. There are currently six mares due to come forward.

To help make this inspection viable, we are prepared to accept a small number of additional mares for grading. If you wish to apply, in view of the short timescale, your mare must already be registered or overstamped with the IDHS (GB), her passport must be in your name and you must be a current member of the Society. Mares must be two years old or over. There is no upper age limit.

Please send me your completed application form (download here) and fee before 27 September (the original closing date was 7 July). The details that you will need, including the protocol for the inspection process, are all in the guidance notes. These are also downloadable.

Six mares have already been inspected this year, three at Moreton Morrell in April and three at the Annual Breed Show in Grantham in August. Unfortunately, due to a lack of applicants elsewhere in the country, we can only run three inspection venues in 2018. Hopefully we will have more applicants next year.

The results from this year’s mare inspections will be posted after the October 9 inspection has been completed.

Heather Chaplin
Inspection administration manager



Eligibility for inspection

Irish Draught mares and geldings may come forward for inspection aged two years old or older. The spring inspection is confined to animals that were born before 1 January two years prior to the inspection date; i.e. they are three year olds.

Two year olds may come forward for inspections later in the year. Owners are recommended to look carefully at their younger fillies and geldings and ask themselves if they would benefit from another year maturing before coming forward. In particular, they should refer to the Breed Summary Description (Appendix 1); the bone measurement, overall strength of the limbs, back, loins and hind quarters. Although horses do not fail to gain Class 1 status on maturity alone, inspectors have to assess the horse they see on the day, so you are not helping your horse by bringing him or her forward too soon.

Expressions of interest

Please do email the inspection administration manager anything up to a year before you wish to have your horse inspected, to make them aware of your interest and whereabouts. Your name will be added to a group email list (unless you would prefer private emails) and you will be kept updated.

The expression of interest list runs permanently from the end of one inspection year to the next year. It includes owners whose horses were to be brought forward the previous year, but for some reason, this was not possible, and those who wish their horse to be re-inspected.

If you do express interest by phone or email, it is very important to also complete an application form before the closing date, as an expression of interest is not a substitute. Venues cannot be finalised around expressions of interest. Experience has shown that at least half of the potential applicants do not materialise for one reason or another. We had five expressions of interest for one venue last year, and ended up with one horse forward.

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Tel: 01823 601625
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