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Make payments to IDHS(GB) with PayPal.

Wherever you see this logo, you will be able to pay with PayPal. Clicking on the logo will bring you to this payments page.
Any queries regarding any service that you have made payment for should initially be directed to the person responsible for the service.

Any queries regarding PayPal payments should be sent to -

   Click to confirm costs.




1. Try to use the correct form / payment for a specific service.
Using the wrong form can cause confusion and may slow down the response.
2. ALWAYS include your 'real name' in any communications.
Website, forum or email usernames, etc; are not always very helpful.
3. Always use the same e-mail address to complete a transaction, query a transaction, etc.
It is difficult tracking previous orders, queries, etc; when different email addresses are used. If you have changed email address, please state this and enclose the previous email address used.
If you unsure which form/payment to make, either use the 'Miscellaneous Payments' or email: with exact details of your requirements.
4. Be specific, and include details of your requirements, particularly if you are paying for more than one service.
If paying for more than one service, please list them, and the amount/s paid for each.
5. Give as much info as you can.
Too much is always better than not enough !!!
6. For people experiencing difficulties using this page, it is possible to request that a Paypal invoice be forwarded. However, there are some stipulations involved with this:
a. there is a 10% handling fee
b. Any paperwork/forms required MUST be received by the Office BEFORE the invoice is forwarded.*
* Any required paperwork/forms will be forwarded by email when an invoice is requested.
Thank you

Annual Breed Show

See the 'Breed Show' page for full details

If you are posting your Entry Form, but would like to pay by Paypal, then this is the one for you. Please give enough info so that we can match your payment with your entry form (i.e. name, membership number, etc.)

Online Entry Form (and pay with Paypal)

Online (no entries) If you are not entering horses at the Breed Show, but still wish to reserve a supper, show catalogue, etc; then here is a quick simple form for you.

Performance Awards

Performance Awards -  Application Form & payment

  Not available until further notice.

Conformation Training & Judges Assessment Payments

Conformation Training Workshop

Judges Assessment Day

Yearbook (annual & web) Adverts

Payment only


Web Only (annual) Adverts

Missed the publishing deadline for the Yearbook? Then invest in a 'web-only' advert for the remainder of the year. See the 'Yearbook Advertising' page (here) for full details

Sales & Wanted Adverts

  Includes the option of having your advert displayed on IDHS(GB) social media websites.
Payment only


Payments for individual items can be made on the 'Merchandise' page.

Memberships - renewals & new memberships

Membership Renewals
Please use this form for RENEWALS only. If applying for new membership use the forms below.
Membership Fees (new membership)

Central Prefix Register & Prefix Extensions

Prefix Registration
Payment only
Prefix Extension
You can use the 'Central Prefix Register' form to extend a prefix, but payment MUST be: -
 1. Cheques only: Payable to 'Central Prefix Registry'. 
 2. Posted to: The Administrator, IDHS (GB), PO Box 91, Newcastle Emlyn, SA44 9AT.

Covering Certificate registration

 Make your payment below according to your requirements. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from PayPal.
 Post your covering certificates to: The Administrator, IDHS (GB), PO Box 91, Newcastle Emlyn, SA44 9AT.
Stallion Name/s
Registration No./s

Inspection Fees

Please ensure that the forms are available in the 'downloads' section before making payments.
Forms should be sent (by e-mail or post) to: The Administrator, IDHS (GB), PO Box 91, Newcastle Emlyn, SA44 9AT.  (
* To be inspected all Mares, Colts and Stallions must be registered with the IDHS (GB) and their owners must be Members.
Mares - Mare inspection (includes vetting), Linear profiling & report only - of an existing RID/AID mare or gelding,  Linear profile with jumping assessment for existing RID/AID/Class 1 mares and geldings.

What are you paying for?


Stallions (includes vetting and DNA parentage testing)

Sport Horse


Passports & Registrations

 If not using the online forms, forms must be sent (by e-mail or post) to: Ms. Annie Holbeche, 1 Well House Cottages, Coombe Bissett, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 4JR. (

 If paying by Paypal and you wish to have your documents returned by 'Royal Mail Special Delivery' (currently £7), you will need to complete the additional payment at the end of this section.

Registration: Purebred (members)
Registration: SHR
Duplicate Passports
* Identity Diagram MUST be forwarded when requesting a duplicate passport.
No micro-chip
Payment only
Transfer of Ownership
* Passport/s MUST be forwarded when completing a Transfer of Ownership.
Payment only
Total Required
Changes to Passport
* Passport/s MUST be forwarded when requesting changes.
Total Required
* Passport/s MUST be forwarded when requesting overstamping changes.
Pure Bred
Sport Horse
Payment only
Total Required
Utility Horse Passport
Payment only
DNA Parentage Testing
Rates include VAT @ 20%
Please add £7 for your documents to be returned by Royal Mail Special Delivery, otherwise they will be returned by second class post. The IDHS (GB) will not accept responsibility for loss or damage in the post.

Miscellaneous Payments

Miscellaneous Payments
Miscellaneous Payments: If you wish/need to pay for something that is not listed on this page, please use this payment button, and specify on the Paypal form EXACTLY what your payment is for.

 ** Most services are listed above. Please check before using the 'Miscellaneous Payments' button.


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